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About Us

Welcome to Trade it Auction

Trade it Auction's visions are very clear, we provide vehicle sellers and buyers a straight forward and user-friendly advertising platform which is designed and created specifically for the sole purpose of selling and buying cars, vans or motorhomes within the United Kingdom. As a new alternative to the normal high cost vehicle advertising platforms for sellers and a reliable option for buyers to source their next vehicles. We provide vehicle sellers with all the options and tools required to create professional and detailed adverts for buyers to gain confidence with online vehicle purchasing.

We are committed to the security of our site and that of our members, for this reason all active users are required to be registered with us, creating a unique safe and secure environment. Our advert listings do not include personal names, phone numbers or contact details protecting all personal contact information. Members are enabled to contact each other via our secure internal mailing system during an active listing and after successful sales.

Trade it Auction’s ambition is in creating the most cost-effective advertising platform for vehicle sales and purchasing within the United Kingdom. In fact, so cost-effective that we offer our advertising platform without any fees and charges. It is free to advertise and sell your vehicles with us! No listing fees, No selling fees, No buy now classified fees, No reserve fees. Just detailed cost-free vehicle advertising!

Our aim is to make advertising exposure and the selling process easy for you, for social media users it is easy to create a detailed advert with us and with just two clicks share across your own social network, Facebook & Tweet with ease, simply creating your own audience as well as our own.

Trade it Auction is designed exclusively for vehicle advertising, creating a specialised and detailed experience for both vehicle seller and buyer. Online vehicle advertising success is extremely dependent on the vehicle description quality and quantity of information. Our enhanced listing process and options enable vehicle owners and sellers the opportunities to describe a vehicle's condition and features in full detail. Therefore, encouraging buyers with more information to make an informed purchasing decision.

Sellers have the choice of listing vehicles to fit in with their own schedules, between 1 and 28 days in standard classified advert format or in exciting forward auction with reserve process. Either way, it's still Free to advertise with us!

Our listing process is made quick and simple by a smart vehicle registration look up returning detailed vehicle data as held by the DVLA, further benefits for our members is a free vehicle valuation guide price for comparison to other quotes obtained and our system also includes records of all previous MOT history, dates, mileages and any advisories noted. This information is all automatically loaded into an advert listing leaving sellers to just add pictures, vehicle description's and service history details.

All members details are kept private and secure until the end of a successful listing. Following successful sales, vehicle buyers will receive the seller's details to contact the seller to arrange direct payment and collect from the sellers chosen destination.

Trade it Auction is intended to act efficiently for all vehicle sellers and buyers, whether you are selling your own personal car, a selection of trade in vehicles or company vehicles to dispose of quickly or a fleet of hundreds, our auction platform will perform efficiently and cost effectively for you.

For private individuals looking to sell their vehicles, Trade it Auction is perfect for you if you are need of selling a vehicle quickly or have already been given a valuation as a ‘trade in price’ against your new car at the dealers or quoted to be purchased by a car buying company. By advertising with us, the middle men are cut out of the chain leaving you to deal directly with an approved buyer and giving you a much fairer value for your car. Furthermore, after a successful auction, our buyers will contact you, arrange payment and collect from your chosen destination from anywhere in the UK. Our platform could gain you such much more for your vehicle, try it today, start your advert at the valuation you have been quoted and see how much more you can get!

As motor trade professional sellers, you are certainly in the most cost effective place to rapidly remarket part exchange, over age stock, fleet, lease, hire and asset finance vehicle disposals. Cut out the middle men and losses by selling directly to the same professional trade buyers that would be buying your vehicles in the physical auctions without losing the transport, entry and selling fees, therefore maintaining a higher return on sale value. Regain remarketing losses, reduce time, risk and logistics by retaining your stock on your own premises. Our buyers could come to you to pay and collect within hours.

Motor trade buyers looking to access a large variety of good quality trade stock without the huge buyers fees, it just became so much easier. If you are tired of not being able to locate the right stock and drained by the physical auction houses reducing your profits with their massive buyers fees, Trade it Auction is the place to be buying. Trade it Auction is also designed to provide trade buyers with a constant source of quality vehicles from a variety of sources to maintain stock levels for your forecourts, and all without the unreliability and the lottery of attending physical auctions. Browse, bid, buy or sell on the move with our responsive website design, desktop, tablet, and mobile phone supported.

Key benefits for our members:

  • Create Classified Fixed price Adverts Or Exciting Auction With Reserve Listings
  • Detailed Vehicle Identification Lookup As Held By The DVLA
  • Guide Price Valuation Provided By Industry Experts CAP Automotive
  • No Registration, Joining, Sellers Or Buyers Fees
  • No Annual Subscriptions
  • 20 Vehicle Pictures
  • You Tube Video Descriptions
  • Extended MOT And Recorded Mileage Data
  • Listing Exposure Enhancement
  • Smart Proxy Bidding System
  • Integrated Account & Invoice Generation
  • Easily Share Across Your Own Social Media Platforms


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